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Grasping for a Vine: Video for Instagram Will Be Sole Reveal at Facebook Event Thursday

Instagram plans to release a video product this Thursday at a press event at Facebook’s headquarters, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, marking the first time the robust, 100-million user network will stray ...
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Here’s Why Facebook Wants to Edge In on Twitter’s Hashtags

Although not the inventor of the tool, Twitter has dominated conversations centered around the hashtag (#) for quite some time. As we saw last week, however, Facebook wants in on the action, introducing hashtags to ...
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Twitter #Music for iOS adds genres for more targeted filtering, thankfully omits rap-rock

Twitter's still tweaking its #Music app for iOS, currently the only mobile platform that's privy to the discovery service. Previously, users could only toggle through four categories (i.e., Popular, Emerging, Suggested and #NowPlaying) to stumble ...
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TouchCast Wants You to Watch Web Video With Your Fingers

The problem with most Web video startups is that you’ve seen them before. Another compilation of cheap clips posing as the next big cable channel. Another solution for nonexistent “discovery” problems. Another “Instagram for video” ...
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