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Sceptre’s Android-powered Sound Bar 2.1 makes any TV smart

Convergence, the dictionary tells us, is the point where two things combine, so imagine Sceptre's new hardware as the singles bar where speakers and Android first met. The SB301524W Sound Bar 2.1 marries dual front-facing ...
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Bell cleared to buy Astral Media, creates a Canadian TV powerhouse

Bell tried to shake up the Canadian media landscape last year by acquiring Astral Media, but it ran into a CRTC-sized roadblock -- regulators didn't want 25 TV stations moving to one provider. After some ...
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United app lands on Windows Phone 8, hopes to become your preferred travel companion

The United Airlines application's been available on Android and iOS for ages, and, after months of being nowhere to be found, it's now (finally) time for the Windows Phone 8 crowd to also ...
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Rogers clears Suretap NFC payments on some Android and BlackBerry 10 devices

While Canadians got a major NFC payment system through Rogers' Suretap service late last year, it was largely defined by what it couldn't do: there was only one platform to use, in only ...
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