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Tablets Continue To Build Momentum As A Place To Pay, Android & iPad Up 5% In 10 Months

Payments company Adyen has published the first of a new quarterly index intended to track the evolving landscape of mobile commerce. One notable increase flagged up by the data is the increasing popularity of tablets as a ...
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TouchCast Wants You to Watch Web Video With Your Fingers

The problem with most Web video startups is that you’ve seen them before. Another compilation of cheap clips posing as the next big cable channel. Another solution for nonexistent “discovery” problems. Another “Instagram for video” ...
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Researchers crack iOS-generated hotspot passwords in 24seconds

If you're an iPhone or iPad owner who uses hotspot mode but never bothered to change the seemingly-random password suggested by iOS, now is definitely a good time. German researchers have discovered (pdf) the passwords ...
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With iPad Mini Keyboards, It’s (Literally) the Little Things

I’m typing this column on an iPad mini, using an accessory physical keyboard. Despite my best efforts to maintain a normal typing posture, my hands are squeezed comically close together because the keyboard is so ...
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A Pocket-Size Solution for Enjoying More Entertainment on the Go

Tablets and smartphones have made it easy to stay entertained during your travels. You can fill up a device with music and movies to enjoy on the road, but you might find yourself having to ...
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Can These iPad Apps Teach Your Kid to Code?

The pillars of elementary education in the U.S. — reading, writing, math — have remained the same for a long time. Now another skill set is increasingly coming into focus: Computer programming. This week, I tested ...
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