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SunnyBot Is A Solar-Powered Robot That Tracks The Sun To Reflect Sunlight Wherever You Want It

document.getElementById('wpcom-iframe-form-401eb34ae41c6ff75b750ffde5768543').submit(); Here’s a neat greentech idea currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. SunnyBot is a microcomputer-powered robot that continually tracks the position of the sun, angling its on-board mirror so that it keeps reflecting the sun’s rays ...
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The RK-1 Is An Arduino-Based Mobile Robot You Control With Smartphone Swipes

document.getElementById('wpcom-iframe-form-b43faef534a04454c006a4006df30b24').submit(); London-based roboticist Evangelos Georgiou wants to offer an open-source platform for helping Arduino hobbyists take their projects mobile, thanks to a remote controlled robot called the RK-1 that combines a programmable Arduino microcontroller with apps for ...
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BrickPi Is A Robotics Hacking Platform That Combines Raspberry Pi And LEGO Mindstorms

document.getElementById('wpcom-iframe-form-4eb8615cdee55fbe317bc019416a0edc').submit(); DIY micro-robotics is having a moment. The latest project to take the crowdfunding route — via Kickstarter — to build out a platform for playing around with robotics is called BrickPi. As its name suggests, ...
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RISE:2013 highlights: Kinect rehab, Lego lobsters, 3D printed tech and more

We were excited and honored when the administration at Northeastern University asked us to help judge its RISE:2013 Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo. The event, held at the physical education center on the ...
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