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Amazon Debuts a Gifting Product on Facebook’s Crowded Platform

I’ll admit it — I am terrible at remembering birthdays. There’s no excuse, really, considering that practically every major Internet company offers some form of calendar with built-in integration to notify you of your friends’ birthdays. ...
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Square’s New Web Marketplace Highlights Twitter Commerce Possibilities

Commerce and payments startup Square on Wednesday morning unveiled Square Market, a Web-based portal for small businesses to sell their wares online. It’s a push into the Web-based retail purchasing world, an area typically dominated ...
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Loose Lips: Yahoo M&A Head Told Employees Company Looking at Two “Significant” and a Half-Dozen Small Buys

Lost in the sauce of the national work-from-home debate of last week that engulfed all things Yahoo, was a fascinating tidbit that several employees passed on to me from a recent Friday FYI meeting at ...
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