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Sceptre’s Android-powered Sound Bar 2.1 makes any TV smart

Convergence, the dictionary tells us, is the point where two things combine, so imagine Sceptre's new hardware as the singles bar where speakers and Android first met. The SB301524W Sound Bar 2.1 marries dual front-facing ...
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University of Michigan activates antimatter ‘gun,’ cartoon supervillians twirl moustaches anew

At the University of Michigan, an international team of physicists has begun experimenting with its tabletop-sized super laser, modding it into an antimatter 'gun.' It's not quite a black hole-firing pistol, but we're slightly terrified ...
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The After Math: Microsoft fits new Windows, Sony pushes the limits of a smartphone screen Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review: a top-tier phone in a water-resistant package Engadget Podcast 350 - 06.28.13 Adobe's VP of Experience Design Michael ...
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